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Momo Kuyateh

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I am Fatou Kuyateh Ceesay, commonly called Momo. I am from the smiling coast of Gambia, and I am 34 years of age and married. I have an 8-year-old son!
Fashion and beauty have been part of my life since when I was a child. I can remember vividly when I used to volunteer to do my younger sister’s hair and makeup and that of some of the people I knew without any charges. Seeing my fellow human being happy and smiling has always been part of my life. In doing that, I used hair and beauty to see people smile and be happy.
Moreover, when I came to the United States was when I started doing and charging customers for hair braiding/styling and makeup. I was doing this in my Aunty’s basement. then started at African salons to gather more experience which of course I did. In Africa, I do not believe one needs any professional license before one can open a salon or do certain hair styling but in the United States, you do need to go to school. That was when I decided to further my studies at Proway Institute College in cosmetology for two years and graduated in 2018 with a Master cosmetology in Hair care, nail care, and skin care.

The journey hasn’t been easy with a lot of challenges but I thank Allah for helping me get through. Going to school and being a mother, a wife, and working hasn’t been easy at all but as the saying goes “no pain no gain. Further studies have taught me things that have contributed to my success, for example, human interaction and communication. As a hair stylist, I dealt with different customers from different backgrounds so having patience is an added advantage. I am a certified licensed Georgia state board Master Cosmetology. At our salon, I do the following services: Color, Pixie cut, Silk Press, facials, Sewing, Updo Makeup, Wax, and more. Feel free to contact me. At Momo Hair and Beauty, we help you care for your skin and hair, help you to grow your hair, or follow me on my Instagram momohairandbeauty, Facebook Momohairandbeauty, and website momohairandbeaut

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